Where do the Physicians at Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates (POA) operate?

The physicians at Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates all have privileges at Holy Redeemer Hospital in Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania.  In addition, some of the physicians also have privileges at the Huntingdon Valley Surgical Center.

When can I go back to work or begin to exercise after surgery?

The length of time for recuperation after surgery varies depending upon the type of procedure performed.  At Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates we are committed to individualized care for the patient.  We will be happy to discuss your return to different activities (including work) prior to your specific surgery.
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What kind of anesthesia will I receive during surgery?

During your procedure, the doctor will begin by giving you a general, regional, or local anesthetic which will keep you from feeling pain during the operation. A general anesthetic will relax your muscles and make you feel as if you are in a deep sleep, while local and regional anesthetics numb part of the body while you remain awake.  If you require surgery, your physician at Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates will discuss the specific type of anesthesia you will receive during the procedure.  You will also have an opportunity to discuss this issue with an anesthesiologist.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring the following information with you to your first appointment:
• Insurance ID Card  and Drivers License
• Referral Forms (if applicable) - A referral must be in the system in order to be seen.
• Previous Health Records including any x-rays, MRIs and/or test results that may pertain to your treatment.
• List of current medications
• All required paperwork that is noted below.  Otherwise you will need to complete all of this paperwork prior to your appointment.  These forms can all be downloaded in the Office Policies section of this web site.
▪ Patient Demographic Form
▪ Patient Review of Systems
▪ Authorization for Release of Information and Assignment of Benefits
▪ POA-Notice of Privacy Practices
▪ Consent to Use and Disclose Protected Health Information
▪ Patient Financial Responsibility Statement
▪ IBC and Keystone Member Consent fro Financial Responsibility
• A pair of shorts if your problems pertain to the leg, knee, ankle, or foot
• If you are being seen as a result of a Motor Vehicle Accident or a Workmans Comp Claim, you must bring the following information:
▪ Claim number
▪ Address and phone number of the insurance company
▪ Adjuster or nurse manager name and phone number
▪ Must present with back-up insurance
Note: All patients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Also all patients coming to us from nursing facilities need to be accompanied by a family member or a health care aide familiar with the patient’s issues.

If I am 17, can I drive myself to my appointment?

No.  All minors (under the age of 18) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  We can not see you if they do not come with you to the appointment.

How do I get to your office?

We are located at 727 Welsh Road in Huntingdon Valley, PA.  To get detailed directions please go to the tab on the top of the page labeled  “Maps”.  All you need to do is type in where you are coming from, and it will provide you  with detailed directions to our office.

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