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At Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, our mission is not only to help you find relief from pain and injury but also to arm with you with scientifically verified information that helps you understand and take control of your orthopedic health.

Our website is filled with helpful Q&As to educate you about the possible causes of your pain or condition and to help you find effective solutions. The website also provides information about our practice and our specialists, details on preparing for your appointment, and a convenient online booking tool.

Get the information you need

If you have a painful or debilitating orthopedic condition, check the Services tab on our menu to learn more about symptoms to look out for, possible causes, and effective treatment options. By visiting our website, you can learn about:

If you’re seeking more in-depth information, check out our recommended Helpful Links page.

Find the expert, supportive care you deserve

Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates’ board-certified, highly trained specialists have decades of collective experience diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating orthopedic conditions, injuries, and repetitive-stress syndromes. Our mission is to find the source of your pain, identify the most effective ways to alleviate it and get you back in the game as soon as possible.  

Read about each of our caring, compassionate experts on the Providers page. Specialties include:

Your doctor creates a customized treatment plan based on your specific needs. Minor procedures are performed in the comfort of the Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates office; more complex procedures can be done at Holy Redeemer Hospital and Surgical Center or Huntingdon Valley Surgical Center.

Learn what sets us apart

Everyone at Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates — from our office staff to our specialists — is dedicated to making you feel welcome, supported, and heard. Browse the Testimonials from satisfied patients to learn about the Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates experience.

At Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates, you get cutting-edge therapies combined with old-fashioned, individualized care. Our doctors are dedicated to treating you as a whole person: We alleviate your condition while simultaneously improving your quality of life with the least invasive, most supportive therapies appropriate for your case.

Make your visit easier

When you’re in pain, you want to be seen as soon as possible. Our Office Policies page has a list of all the forms and information you need to make your visit expedient and efficient. Office hours, contact information, and directions to our facility can all be found here.

You can print out and fill in our Patient Information Packet and Financial Waiver ahead of time if you wish. You’ll also find information about health insurance plans and referrals on this page.

If you’re already a patient at Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates, reviewing the Office Policies page helps make cancellations, records requests, and prescription pick-ups easier. Also be sure to keep our office staff up to date any time you change your phone number or contact information.

Book a consultation

When you need to alleviate pain, restore function, or improve your sports performance, getting the help you need starts with a consultation at Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates. Go to our Contact page to book an appointment online, call our friendly staff, or find directions to our office. We are always welcoming new patients.

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