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Pinnacle Orthopaedics provides expert orthopedic care located in Huntingdon Valley Pennsylvania. The orthopedic specialist is personally involved in the individualized treatment of each patient, providing inclusive and compassion care.
Offering various orthopedic treatments available, the team at Pinnacle Orthopaedics works tirelessly to improve patients’ function and performance all enhancing their quality and longevity of life. They provide effective and innovative treatments in the field of general orthopedics, joint diseases, spinal disorders, sports medicine, hand and upper extremity disorders. 
When you visit Pinnacle Orthopaedics your provider develops a customized, state of the art, treatment plan to alleviate your pain and address your health concerns. For all of your orthopedic concerns, please schedule an appointment today by calling the office at (215) 947-7550. 

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How Your Weight Affects Your Joints

Being overweight increases your risk of developing painful joint problems like osteoporosis, especially in your knees. Here’s a look at how your weight affects your joints along with some good news: Losing weight helps prevent joint problems.

What’s Behind Your Shoulder Pain?

When your shoulder pain is mild, it’s tempting to keep using the joint, but failing to get treatment can lead to long-term problems. Knowing the cause of your shoulder pain and recognizing the symptoms can help you know when to seek help.

Your Shoes Could Be Contributing to Your Knee Pain

With every step you take, your shoes affect the way your feet move, which determines the amount of pressure on your knees. When your shoes don’t properly support your feet, there is a good chance knee problems and pain are in your future.


Words from our patients

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    "They're caring and keep the patients informed of all aspects of the surgery and recovery processes."

    Jay N.
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    "Dr. Krum values his patient's input, and makes decisions with the patient--not for the patient."

    Joan C.
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    "Dr. Krum actually treated me like a person instead of a patient. And he listened to me and my concerns."

    Barbara L.


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